The Woobles

The Woobles partnered with Vaulted Oak to improve the customer experience on their ecommerce store.

Build a Bundle

Customizable Bundles

The “Build Your Bundle” page allows selection of select any 4 kits for only $100. The feature creates a cohesive and accessible experience utilizing the established visual system of the site.

Users are prompted to select their desired kits from the catalog and may customize which kits to choose and how many of each.


In-Cart Add-Ons

Easy Add-On Purchasing

To help reach the $50 free shipping threshold and incentivize purchases, Vaulted Oak developed an add-on feature for the cart.

This feature showcases the wide array of accessories that The Woobles offers.


Product Badges

Identifiable Products Types

The Woobles offers a large selection of kits of original pattern from their core collection, thematic limited editions, and collaborative partnerships with intellectual properties.

Vaulted Oak saw an opportunity to incorporate badges onto product cards so users can easily differentiate different types of products at a quick scan.

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